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Ways You Can Help

Empowerment Dream Center is a nonprofit organization focused on empowering people to win in every area of life. We have teamed up with the village of Ford Heights to provide services for those in need of housing, food, clothes, and employment. We need our community's engagement in order to serve our community well. The Empowerment Dream Center is always accepting volunteers, donations, and looking for staff members that are committed to making an impact. Check here periodically for ways you can help us serve the community.

Ford Heights Men's Shelter


  • 24-hour site

  • Capacity to accommodate up to 40 men

  • 21 meals per week

  • Showers and lockers available

  • On-site English as a Second Language classes

  • Job training and placement through Cornerstone Community Services

  • Coordination with medical providers

  • Assistance identifying housing and rental support


  • Sitio las 24 horas 

  • Capacidad para 40 personas 

  • 21 comidas por semana, duchas, casilleros disponibles. 

  • Clases de inglés como segundo idioma en el sitio

  • Capacitación y colocación laboral a través de Cornerstone Community Services 

  • Coordinación con proveedor médico. 

  • Personal disponible para ayudarle a navegar su búsqueda de vivienda.

Welcome to our sanctuary of care and support, where no one faces life's challenges alone. With a 24-hour site and a capacity to accommodate up to 40 individuals, we provide a haven for those seeking refuge and assistance. Here, basic needs are met with dignity and compassion. From offering 21 meals per week to providing access to showers and lockers, we ensure that every individual receives essential care and comfort. 

Beyond meeting immediate needs, we are dedicated to empowering individuals to build brighter futures. That's why we offer English as a Second Language classes on-site, enabling our residents to enhance their skills and expand their opportunities. Through partnerships with organizations like Cornerstone Community Services, we provide job training and placement services, helping individuals take meaningful steps towards economic stability and independence.

Our commitment to comprehensive care extends to healthcare coordination, ensuring that residents have access to vital medical services when needed. Additionally, we provide support in identifying housing options and offer rental assistance, guiding individuals on the path towards secure and sustainable living arrangements.

At our shelter, we believe in the power of community and collaboration to create lasting change. Together, we strive to uplift and empower every individual who walks through our doors, fostering a sense of hope, dignity, and belonging for all. Welcome to a place where compassion meets action, and where every person is valued and supported on their journey towards a brighter tomorrow.


Sólo hombres 

Solicitud de permiso de trabajo completada o en proceso 

Prueba de identidad 

Prueba de vacunación contra el sarampión, las paperas y la rubéola (MMR)

Men only

Work permit application completed or in process

Proof of identity

Proof of recent MMR vaccination


Ford Heights is a southeast suburban community.

Ford Heights es una comunidad suburbana del sureste.

Contact/Contacto Flor Flores at (708) 354-0858 or 


Your donations fuel our mission to empower communities and create a brighter future for all. Join us in our quest to make a meaningful impact, one donation at a time. Together, we can turn curiosity into compassion and transform the world around us.

Join Our Team

Open Opportunities

Join our dedicated team committed to providing hope and support to those in need. Explore meaningful job opportunities at the Empowerment Dream Center, where every role contributes to making a positive difference in our community. Discover how you can be a part of transforming lives and offering solace to members of our community.

Food Service Director

at Empowerment Dream Center

⏲ Part Time

The Food Service Director will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of food service operations at Empowerment Dream Center. This includes menu planning, meal preparation, staff management, budgeting, and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. The ideal candidate will be passionate about serving the community, possess strong organizational skills, and have experience in food service management.

Case Manager

at Empowerment Dream Center

⏲ Part Time

The Case Manager will be responsible for providing comprehensive case management services to residents of Empowerment Dream Center. This includes assessing needs, developing individualized service plans, connecting residents to community resources, and supporting their progress towards self-sufficiency. The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal skills, a background in social services, and a commitment to empowering vulnerable populations.


There are countless ways to get involved at Empowerment Dream Center. Your contribution helps create a supportive environment for those in need. Together, let's build a stronger, more resilient community where everyone feels valued and supported.

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